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Modern science, as we
all know is in the path of
progress. We have been
hunting for cure of various diseases for decades together. But what about those
situations that are incurable? The modern Treatment
Pundits turn their face
against the incurable as
conditions, pulls off their
head by simply advising the
affected and those around the
affected to learn to live with
the condition. This was the
statement we received when
we met a few of Dr. Vaidya's
Mahesh, one of the parents of Dr. Vaidya's patient said: "We were advised to live according to Celina's (name changed) condition. That was the
twelfth doctor we visited. His
statement was clear. Change
your life and learn to live with
your daughter's situation. Do
not expect her to raise herself
to your level at any point of
Celina was normal till eight
month of pregnancy. Then
after scanning we were told
that her growth has slowed
down. We went to the entire
specialist around. A part of
her brain had not developed.
We were shocked about its
after effect when a doctor
told as she would be nothing
but a vegetable when born.
To say, after birth, she had no expression, couldn't move
herself-all tests were done as
per procedure including EEG.
It was identified that none of
her senses worked, none will
It was a tough time.
When ever we looked at the
innocent face we cried. We
didn't know what to do!we
would provide our little one
with world's best treatment if
it was available. But all doors
were shut before us. Slowly had no choice but to live with
our fate. It was then we saw
an article about Dr.Vaidya.
Even though we had no hope,
we decided to give it a try. He
was the first person who said
If you ask us…continued
Mr. Mahesh, he was the first
person who was confident that the condition was curable and that he could do it. We started getting result in the very first sitting itself.  Celina was
having sleep problem. She
would sleep a maximum of
two or three hours a day. Her
timings of sleep would keep
changing every day. Moreover Celina would wake by even by the slightest distraction.
So, her sleep became the
most precious thing in the
house. The night after the first
session, Celina slept so well,
for the first time after birth.
Since then, we never had any
issue regarding her sleep. She
is now seven years old and is
in much better condition that
we came to a point where we
all doctors claimed her to be
For us, this was just a
beginning of surprises that
was to follow. We witnessed
steady change in Celina.
Her responses have come to
normal, brushing aside all
the fears she exhibited like
a closed place for example.
Today she eats her food with
spoon, stands on her feet- to
be precise is on her path to
normalcy. We could not attend
the sitting continuously as we
were available in India only
for two months every year.
In those days of treatment
every year we have witnessed

transformation of a life from
vegetable to human being.
We have gone through the
agonies, fears and frustration
like every other parent having a differently abled child.
We wish that sharing of our experience would help similar parents to take up a second chance, may be their only
chance for better life."
We have another heart
touching experience shared
by parents of Kiran(Name

retardation with cerebral
palsy. After a few days of
therapeutic sessions itself with
Dr.Vaidya, prominent changes
were visible. His parents had
lost all hope before those
few days. Talking about the
Kiran's parents were
all praise for Dr.Vaidya and of
boundless joy as they watch
their son,Kiran leading a
normal life like any other kids of his age.

Dr.M.D.Vaidya paves a
unique path in conquering or
rather submitting to nature
sources in curing ailments
in general and brain related
ailments in particular. He had
the penchant and inclination
for research work right
from the age of 6, he says,
be it Vedanta, Bimbasastra Science, Philosophy, and what not. He is imbibed
of an enviable knowledge
in Vedanta apart from the
Chathurvedas,  Ashtakas,
Brahmanas ,Aranyakas and
Mayasutra .With hoards of
knowledge to his credit this doctor walks head straight with his success stories

Dr. Vaidya dedicates his
knowledge to that part of
Shastra long forgotten. To
him, decoding the Vedic
secret has lead to prevention and cure of so called
CONDITIONS by modern science. Many hundred cases have been proved in each
branch of conditions like
mental retardation, autism,
cerebral palsy, multiple
syndrome, brain injury,
physical disability etc. Dr. Vaidya has been able to bring back many lives to normalcy using the knowledge
he acquired through his
continuous thirty years
research without implying any artificial and toxic
Though not against any
school of medicine, he feels
that there is an urgent need
for more effective medical
treatment as the increase in
rate of children born with
the deficiencies or such said
conditions is alarming. To
him, modern medical practice
runs behind curing illness by
treating human being part
by part. These regard
human beings as a machine not worth than
parts of the whole. This
chunking process has turned
blind to the ultimate
truth - that human being
like every
other living being is part of
Mother Nature, and nature
has its own way of mending
and repairing its creations
to maintain the equilibrium.
For Mother Nature no human being is more blessed,
different or disabled because for all imbalances during
creation of life, either induced or not, is given ample time for rectification and balancing. But, unfortunately this is
definitely not the way of
modern branches of treatment. As Dr. Vaidya puts it is ONE WHOLE and not PART or BITS to be treated like.

Kiran, Age 12, was brought to Brainbridge by his parents after they lost every hope
about their son's recovery.
His parents were as cynical
as usual while taking him
to brain bridge since there
was not even an iota of
progress after years long treatment in all otherknown fields of medicine
and all doctors declared
their son's condition to
be incurable. Kiran was
the only child born after
8 years of marriage. He
was diagnosed with mental